International Mother Language Day observed in Bonn

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Ansar Ahmed Ullah                           Contributing Editor, Shottobani

London: The International Mother Language Day was observed with a variety of activities including art competition, hand writing competition, Quran recitation competition, discussion, prize giving and cultural function in Bonn, Germany on Saturday 25 February.

Over hundred expatriates from different countries and languages, their children and German guests came to the House of Integration in Bonn Duisdorf. The Quran recitation competition for the children was held in three groups for the children. Then children took part with much enthusiasm in the hand writing in their own mother languages. The guests and children were enchanted with the exhibition of the arts of the children on International Mother Language Day. The exhibition also included about twenty arts of the Bangladeshi-German poet and artist Mir Zabeda Yeasmin Imi, which attracted guests with abstract presentations.

The discussion meeting on the occasion of the Open Door day of the House of Integration and International Mother Language Day was attended by the President of German Awami League A K M Basirul Alam Chowdhury Sabu as Chief Guest and noted entrepreneur and industrialist Karim Ullah as special guest. One of the founder organisers of the Integration House Nurul Islam made welcome speech. The discussion was presided by the founder President and Chief Executive of the Integration House and renowned entrepreneur Juboraj Talukder. The Education Coordinator of the House Hossain Abdul Hai moderated the function, while other founding organisers of the House Tamanna Talukdar and Reshma Islam handed over the prizes among the winning children of the competitions. Focusing on the background and history of Martyrs Day of 1952 to the international recognition of the Language Day in 1999, the former Journalist of Deutsche Welle and law expert Marina Joarder presented the key-note paper in the discussion.

Speakers in the discussion highlighted the history and tradition of the language movement in 1952 and the Liberation War in 1971 of Bangladesh in front of the expatriates of different countries and languages. They urged the people of different languages to take lessons from the proud sacrifice and history of the Bengalis and to take initiatives and continue the effort of practicing and flourishing the respective mother tongues, especially among the new generation in the expatriate families.
Moreover mentioning the strong leadership and significant role of the Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and the tragic incident of the killing of the Bangabandhu and his family, speakers condemned such an incident and urged the people to take lesson and be aware of such attempts in future.

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Cultural Centre celebrated the International Mother Language Day in an auditorium in Bad Godesberg with discussion, poem recitation, patriotic songs and folk dances. Former DW journalist Marina Joarder moderated the function, while Badrunnesa Hosne Sultana, the Cultural Secretary of the Cultural Centre presented welcome address. A well-dressed cultural group of children ‘Sonamonira’ led by one of the founding organizers Dr Tiyasha Hosne Ayub presented enchanting cultural soiree on the occasion. PhD researcher of Cologne University Abdullah Al Maruf and Planner Md Khurshid Hasan Sajib respectively sang folk songs and recited own poem on Ekushe.

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