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Part of £millions regeneration of St Paul’s Way, Bow

Shottobani Desk: Burdett Estate Masjid (BBCA) mosque committee welcomed Tower Hamlets’ Mayor, local councillors, Telford Homes and Poplar HARCA to celebrate the opening of their new mosque on Masjid Lane E14 last Friday (21st April).

The scheme, developed by Poplar HARCA in partnership with the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, BBCA, the St Paul’s Way Trust School, Telford Homes and the local community, is the next phase of a wider regeneration project which includes a new school, 109 new homes, parks and play areas.

Mohbub Ali, Secretary BBCA & Mosque said: ‘’It has been a vision of our community to have a purpose built Mosque since the establishment of the BBCA in 1982. The initial seeds were planted by our fathers and uncles and it is their legacy that we are celebrating. The Mosque is not just a place of worship, but a beacon for the entire community irrespective of faith and background. It is clearly evident that if we all work in collaboration then our communities can prosper and flourish. We sincerely appreciate the on-going support and commitment from Poplar HARCA in ensuring that this project has come into fruition. The proposed regeneration of the estate with St Paul’s way is an exciting prospect but we need to ensure that amidst the regeneration, our core values of community cohesion do not disappear”

Mayor John Biggs said: ‘I was delighted to attend the opening of the new Burdett Estate Mosque, which is part of some really positive regeneration work in the local area. I’m sure the Mosque will play an important part in the local community and I’m glad to have played a part in its opening.’

Steve Stride, Poplar HARCA’s Chief Executive, added: ‘This is what can be achieved when partners come together with a common purpose. This is a beautiful faith building, designed with the Mosque Committee, which enhances the overall transformation underway in St Paul’s Way.’

Mark Graves, Senior Construction Manager, Telford Homes Plc, comments: “The newly opened mosque at Bow Gardens Square has been designed as a focal point for the community, providing a space both for religious worship and for the wider community to come together. Visiting the mosque at the grand opening, I was immediately made to feel extremely welcome and I have no doubt that it will have a beneficial impact on the local community”

(Press Release)

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