Kashmir : A different Perspective

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41E6960B-8597-431A-9717-E999A2A9AE5C Imran A. Chowdhury

Kashmir and Palestine: these two places are intertwined in the rhetorics of exploitation and fomenting of hate! God and heaven only know how far is the extent of the actual one sided views depth of truth. These two places have become the focal point of bifurcating minds of the malleable youth around the eastern and western European hemisphere to create that division of us and them. How far is the innocence and how brutal is the reality many have no means to fathom. They are the symbolic altars for twisting the minds of the youth around. This wasn’t there in our time. What I can’t understand is that, how come people have not learned any lesson from the fiasco of our Bengalis opting for a country on the basis of religion! Have they not seen what miseries and genocide and a Bengali holocaust Bengalis faced just for asking autonomy? Doesn’t it give enough warning of catastrophic tsunami for others to walk away from that kind of amalgamation? I am appalled and disgusted to see how young and old people are still exploited with those old broken records of persecution, suppression, oppression, colonialisation and enslavement story Kashmir deserves a chance ! I think ! Don’t play any more of a tug of war game at the cost of humanity. Those who are engaged in exploiting the Kashmir issue please take a hike ! Yet no one is talking about the misery of the Yemeni people, no one talks about Kurds, no one talks about Yazidi, no one talks about and other places where people are persecuted, killed, jailed and tortured. India has 189 million other muslims in India – in 1946 election most of these Indian voted for Pakistan but when it came to migrating only 6.5 million muslims migrated to Pakistan, when the muslim population was circa 93 million which is literally 5% muslims migrated from India…So, if presently 189 million muslims if they can stay in India why not 11 million Kashmiris can? Why to displace them-who is instigating? As it is Pakistan is riddled and submerged in debt trap and it can’t pay its own debt repayments… their intellectuals are crying to their premier to make them Bangladesh in 10 years time : a Bengali land they hated and are now trying to emulate ; speaks volume. Now under these circumstances why anyone with their right mind would fall into that frying pans? Is a beggars belief? Article 370 what it will bring is matter to see but for the last 72 years it has not brought anything either; I think the world needs to wait and see what lies ahead. The BJP has the people’s mandate and people of India have bestowed that onus upon them. Let us see &  watch and see how things pan out; let ’s not jump the gun ! Also! Let’s  not use it as a  tool of brainwashing at the cost of the Kashmiri people.The world does not want any more pliable youth in possession of concocted ideologies. Let us put a stop to it once for all.

(Writer is a Founder & CEO of a Think-tank & NGO. www.c-ppp.org)

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