Putu sees herself as a born singer inspired by Bangabandhu

Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor, Shottobani

London: Putu, one of the youngest singers in London was talking about her passion for music. Her full name is Anvita Gupta Putu. She is 11 years old, born here in the UK and lives with her family in Essex.

Her favorite song is “Jodi rath porale shona jeto Bangabandhu mo re nai” about Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. The words of the song roughly translate, “If I woke up and found Bangabandhu hadn’t been murdered I would be so happy”. Putu says he was the savior of Bangladesh. She also likes another Bangabandhu song ‘Shuno ekti Mujibor er theke lokkho Mujibor er kontho shorer dhoni akashe batashe uthe roni, Bangladesh amar Bangladesh”. She is inspired by him as a born leader and she see herself as a born singer. The first song she learnt was “Amra korbo joi”.

On getting into Bengali music she said her mother Pushpita Gupta and her elder sister Sreema who listens to a lot of music made her love music from a very young age. She currently goes to an auntie, the well known singer Gauri Choudhury for singing lessons. She started singing when she was younger and had her own YouTube channel where she would post herself singing English songs. Her auntie, Gauri Choudhury, saw those videos and asked her to learn with her as she recognised her potential. Putu learns classical and Bengali semi-classical. She speaks Bengali and is quite fluent. Her mother teaches her Bengali and helps her to pronounce correctly. The words of songs she learns are written in English script though she understands what she is singing about.

When asked about her favorite kind of music she said as well as patriotic songs she likes folk music, Radha Raman and Tagore songs. She is also taught Rabindra sangeet by Imtiaz Ahmed. She likes performing Radha Raman and Tagore songs on stage. She doesn’t sing Bengali pop as they are not her genre. She likes slow, steady songs. She also listens to English pop music. She likes Ariana Grande and Korean pop music. Her favourite Korean band is Blackpink.

Outside school her hobbies include Scouting, netball and swimming. Her friends do not understand her singing in Bengali but they are proud of her. Her proud moment was when she sang for the Bangladesh High Commission’s event for Bangabandhu’s birthday, Shishu Dibosh last year in Kensington Town Hall. Her sister and family always encourage her. When she is on stage they smile and gives her the thumbs up! She is naturally interested in music but it was her Mum who encouraged her and got her into learning music.

When asked about her future she said hopes to develop as a singer. She is not sure about doing an album but maybe she will do one in the future. She may also write her own songs in Bengali in the future.

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