Hasna Begum killed ex-lover after he abandoned her for another girl

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London: A jealous shop assistant who stabbed to death her ex-boyfriend after finding out he was dating another woman has been jailed for life.
Hasna Begum, 25, flew into a rage and stabbed Pietro Sanna 36 times before leaving him for dead on his bedroom floor.
She waited three days before alerting anyone to his plight, in an anonymous tip-off to his brother to say that Mr Sanna was “in trouble”.
Inner London crown court heard Begum had an “on-off” relationship with the Italian DJ after they met in Canary Wharf, where she was a Clintons cards shop assistant and he worked in a sandwich shop

165A782B-067E-4450-A812-6A4B255B6727By the end of 2016 they had split up, but Begum retained an “unhealthy obsession” with her ex, monitoring his social media accounts and spotting he was dating another woman.
She first tried to warn off the other woman, telling her to “get out of my country” and dubbing her an “ugly b*tch”.
When that did not work, Begum went to Mr Sanna’s Canning Town home to confront him, just after 6am on June 23.
Wearing all black clothes, gloves, and a blonde wig to disguise her appearance, Begum was caught on CCTV climbing out of the kitchen window of her family home, running through her estate, and then meeting the taxi which took her to Mr Sanna’s home.
She was seen angrily banging on doors to try to find Mr Sanna’s home, and around 80 minutes later, having carried out the murder, she fled again.

Begum, who denied murder, told the jury she had stabbed Mr Sanna in self-defence after he had kicked her in the chest and come at her with a kitchen knife.
She claimed to only remember stabbing him three times, but jurors heard Mr Sanna had suffered 36 separate wounds including several to his back.
As he lay dying on the floor, Begum put on some of his clothes and then fled the scene, going to a medical centre for treatment to a minor cut on her finger.
She had stolen Mr Sanna’s phone and wiped his Instagram account before the body was discovered.
Sentencing her to at least 20 years behind bars, Judge Jeremy Donne said Begum had an “unhealthy obsession” with Mr Sanna.
“What you did was a terrible wicked thing, it has had a damaging effect of depriving a family of a son, it has also had the damaging effect of depriving your family of you.
“All murders are completely senseless, this is both tragic and senseless.’’

Begum, from the Isle of Dogs, denied murder but was convicted at the end of a trial.
Ruth Bowskill, Deputy Chief Crown Prosecutor at CPS London North, said: “This was a vicious attack on a young man inside his own home.
“Begum claimed she had acted in self-defence but the jury having heard the evidence rejected that defence.
“I hope this conviction provides some comfort to Mr Sanna’s family and friends.”

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