World Curry Expo to celebrate all things curry

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Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor, Shottobani

Londonঃ The World Curry Expo is coming to London this autumn bringing businesses involved in the multi-million pound industry under one roof. Everything you need to know about running a successful business from production and sales to marketing and social media will be on show along with exclusive offers for visitors said the organisers of the Expo at a press conference on 6 March held at a hotel in Brick Lane, Banglatown. Curry Life, the industry’s popular trade magazine, is organising the event, latest in a series of ventures to raise the cuisine’s global profile including awards, curry competitions and festivals hosted in Europe, the Middle East and South East Asia.

The World Curry Expo will run alongside the Curry Life Awards and Gala Dinner on the same day this year. This day long event will take place on Sunday 7 October 2018 at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London. The Expo will conclude with the annual Curry Life Awards, Gala Dinner and entertainment.
Syed Belal Ahmed, Editor of Curry Life said, ‘It’s a show, restaurateurs, suppliers and curry lovers can’t afford to miss. Foodies with authentic taste of curry and restaurateurs looking for fresh ideas are expected to attend the World Curry Expo.’

Graham Corfield, the UK Managing Director of Just Eat said, ‘We are proud to be the main partner of Curry Expo. From comforting Kormas to fiery Vindaloos, Brits love a curry. Asian cuisine is a hugely iconic part of British culture.’

Syed Nahas Pasha, the Editor in Chief of Curry Life Magazine added, ‘London is the home of the biggest multi-cultural community in Europe, if not the world. There are more curry restaurants in Greater London than any other cities in the world. London is the global hub for curry and this is why we are proud to organise the World Curry Expo here in London.’

London was the home for the first Indian Restaurant in Britain. In 1809, Sake Dean Mahomed opened the first Indian Restaurant called the Hindustani Coffee House located in London’s Portman Square. The first Indian restaurant to attract native Londoners was Veeraswamy’s Restaurant in London’s Regent Street, which was opened by Edward Palmer in 1927. The Veeraswamy is still trading today. The Indian Dish, Coronation Chicken, was created to celebrate Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The ‘curry industry’ is worth £4.5 billion and accounts for two thirds of all eating out. The UK Indian restaurants get through more than 200,000 tonnes of rice a year and about a million people in Britain eat curry every day. The UK curry lovers munch nearly four million pappadoms a week.

The World Curry Expo in London and Curry Life Awards are being organised in partnership with Just Eat. The event is also sponsored and supported by Cobra Beer, Chivas, Travel Link and Unisoft Solutions.

For a more than a decade, the Curry Life Magazine has successfully organised food festivals, exhibitions, curry competitions and awards ceremonies in different countries, including the UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Slovenia, USA, Middle East, Malaysia, India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

There are around 12,000 Indian restaurants in Britain serving more than three million customers a year. The average Brit will blow £34,070 on curry in their lifetime, a 2011 survey revealed. The Curry is globally popular cuisine and in Britain it has more than 200 years legacy.

The organisers said the main objective of this expo is to create a platform where everything relating to curry will be put on display to attract visitors, curry lovers, restaurateurs and for all those people whose lives revolve around curry. There will be spice, rice, produce importers, wholesalers, curry sauce, paste, pickle, chutney, ready made meal suppliers, kitchen equipment, drinks and beverage companies offering exclusive deals to visitors, specially to the UK’s vibrant Curry Restaurant Sector.

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