The launch of the Commonwealth Innovation Hub sparks the start CHOGM 2018

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Nahiyan Syed Pasha
Youth Correspondent, Shottobani

From CHOGM Media Centre:  Today, (16th April) the opening day of the biennial summit meeting CHOGM, saw Secretary-General Patricia Scotland launch the Commonwealth Innovation Hub. Consisting of five ‘spaces’ each with a different purpose, the Innovation Hub intends to be ‘a digital platform to tap and unleash the innovation wealth of the Commonwealth’. It was described by the Secretary-General as ‘a quantum leap in our [the Commonwealth’s]reform and renewal process’.

The five ‘spaces’ include the ‘display’ space, the ‘data’ space, the ‘delivery’ space and the ‘discovery’ space. The fifth and final one being the ‘partnerships’ space. The role of the display space is to present to the world all the ideas and innovation stories from across the Commonwealth. The data portal intends to provide a stockroom of Commonwealth resources and it includes a vast number of publications full of information and knowledge. The delivery space is where anyone has the ability to download, read and utilise the toolkits and knowledge products developed by the secretariat. The discovery space is a breeding ground for new ideas, and a place for feeding innovations to help them grow and develop for the best social impact they can have.

Finally, the partnerships space is based on the number of international partnerships formed with civil societies and knowledge partners, which includes an agreement to formulate a Commonwealth Innovation Fund, in collaboration with the Global Innovation Fund. The main aim of the Commonwealth Innovation Fund will be to allow innovators in the Commonwealth to access funding which they may not be able to access through orthodox channels. CEO of the Global Innovation Fund, Dr Alix Zwane, had a lot to say about the development of the Commonwealth Innovation Fund: ‘In a world that is shaped by innovation, the Commonwealth is a global family and a unique group of nations with a shared commitment to prosperity. With the support of Commonwealth governments, and working with the Secretariat, the Commonwealth Innovation Fund can help make the vision of a common future for the 53 Commonwealth countries a reality.

The Commonwealth Innovation Hub hopes to be a beacon of the ideas and innovations of 87 organisations and 2.4 billion people who make up the Commonwealth family. It proves to be a fitting start to what seems to be a very bright and productive week ahead at CHOGM 2018.


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