Bangladesh’s success story shared with European Union

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Anser Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor, Shottobani

From Brussels: A conference on Bangladesh was held on 28 June at the European Parliament titled “Wonder Economy: Development and Challenges” organised by the Belgium Awami League and hosted by Richard Corbett MEP.

The conference was divided into three sessions with opening session where Shahidul Hoque, President, Bangladesh Association & Jahangir Chowdhury, Conference Coordinator outlined the objective of the day. Richard Corbett MEP, Vice Chair, Delegation for Relations with South Asia, who hosted the conference said as Bangladesh graduates from a least developed country (LDC) to middle income country, it faces huge challenges and questions about its future trajectory.

angladesh’s Ambassador to Belgium Shahadat Hussain in his keynote presentation said Bangladesh is on the path of becoming a middle-income country, the target set in its Vision 2021. Bangladesh has fulfilled all three requirements of the UN in 2018 for graduating from an LDC to a middle-income country. He added, our next goal is to become a developed country by 2041. This Conference gives us the opportunity to share our success stories and best practices with the EU.

In the Economic Development session Neena Gill MEP & Baroness Mobarik MEP stressed the need to close the gap on gender inequality to improve women empowerment and Sajjad Karim MEP stressed the trade relationship with Bangladesh. Former MEP Paolo Casaca, Director, South Asian Democratic Forum highlighted the challenges Bangladesh faces in the future.

And in the final session of Human Development M A Gani, General Secretary, All European Awami League, M M Murshed, Coordinator of Brussels Dhaka Solidarity for Peace Committee, Dr Bidduth Barua, Chief Executive Officer, Health-Tech Foundation and Barrister Nadia Choudhury, Member of the Bangladesh Awami League International Affairs Sub-Committee responded to various questions raised during Q&A session.


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