Newham, Barking & Dagenham Lib Dem AGM held

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Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor, Shottobani

London: On 29 November the Newham, Barking & Dagenham Liberal Democrats held their annual general meeting at an eco-friendly venue Husk Brewing, East London. The 2018 AGM discussed Brexit addressed by Baroness Sarah Ludford, the Liberal Democrats spokesperson for Europe in the House of Lords.

In her speech Baroness Sarah mentioned said, ‘’We are facing a historical challenge with our push for a People’s Vote.  So make sure to join this historical movement and make your voice heard”.

The NBDLD Honorary President Pauline Pearce addressed the London crime scene and increase of knife-crime and gang crime culture in the city. Pauline talked about how the Liberal Democrats have been calling for months for the adaptation of the public health approach to tackle crime involving a joined effort from everybody including the police to address the root cause of this increasing problem.

The NBBLD also declared their new executive members for the year 2019 which are as follows: Pauline Pearce (Honorary President), Gareth Benjamin Evans (Chair), Rob Briggs (Treasurer), James Rumsby (Secretary) and Michael Fox (Membership Officer). There were also other Executive Members elected including: Guillemette Kerr, Christian Moon, James Raymond, Ryan Priest, Simon Mansfield, James Jones, Micheal German, Natascia Servini and Afzal Sayed Munna. Eimear O’Casey will also join the Executive Meetings as Liberal Democrats spokesperson for West Ham.

Chair Gareth Evans mentioned, “After the great progress made in the recent local elections we are far stronger than before and are well prepared for any decisions that comes from central party. People’s Vote is the only way to stop this chaotic Brexit situation and from our local party we will do our best to deliver what is best for Britain and our local communities”.

At the Mayoral Election on May the 3rd the Newham Liberal Democrats increased the local party’s vote tally from 1,757 in 2014 to 6,809 in 2018 – with the best percentage of vote of any directed Mayor election in a London Borough – also coming second in key Wards such as Stratford and New Town confirming that there is a genuine mood for real change in Newham.

The party secretary, James Rumsby said please come and join us with the motion and do let us know if you would like to get involved with our party campaign, with any thoughts, ideas or questions. We all would love to hear from you. Executive Member Afzal Sayed Munna also mentioned that Lib Dem is the only party fighting for peoples best interest and can deliver a fairer society. We must believe that, together we are much stronger and together we can build an open, tolerant and united society.

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