It’s A Nightmare

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portrait Abu Musa Hasan


We watched the the tragic match of yesterday at Birmingham Edgbaston Cricket stadium along with senior journalist friend Kazi Zawad, who lives there.

As Bangladesh scored a huge score of 341 and claimed top order wickets of Pakistan very quickly, Zaoad Bhai expected that Tigers would win by a margin of 100 runs as they lost five wickets only for 168 runs. At one stage most of the hardcore Pakistan supporters deserted the gallery conceding defeat. Others turned into silent spectators as jubilant Tiger supporters were roaring with ‘Bangladesh- Bangladesh’ slogans. But irony of fact that ultimately Tiger supporters had to watch a helpless shocking defeat.
IMG_3877None could find the answer why our bowlers and fielders failed to claim the tailenders to seal a convincing victory? None of us found an explanation why captain Mashrafe did not give the ball to either Mosaddek or Soumya to restrain Pakistani tailender Fahim Ashraf, who scored 64 runs using 30 balls and was not out. Mosaddek was the best bowler of Bangladesh yesterday as he claimed one wicket conceding only 29 runs by bowling six overs. Soumya bowled only five overs and was also also very economic as he gave only five runs per over. Even wicket taker Mehdi was not utilised. Mehdi bowled only four overs and claimed two wickets conceding 30 runs. Mahmudullah is always an economic bowler. But Mahmudullah was not used yesterday for a single over.

IMG_3880The team management and the captain might have ‘specialist’ explanations for the above questions. But it was a nightmare for the Tiger supporters who thronged to Edgbaston Cricket Stadium from all over the UK and out numbered the supporters of Pakistan.

Nilu Hasan, who went all the way to Dublin with me to support the Tigers and watched the sweet victory of the Tigers against New Zealand, was so disappointed and frustrated that she has decided not to go to Oval on May 30 to watch another warm up match of the Tigers against India although we have purchased tickets long ago.

Abu Musa Hasan: Advisory Editor, Shottobani

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