Bangladesh won first two games in Street Child Cricket World Cup Tournament

Ansar Ahmed Ullah             Contributing Editor, Shottobani

London: The team of four boys and four girls aged 14-17 who until recently were surviving on the streets of Dhaka won their first two games in the Street Child Cricket World Cup on 25 September. One of the children in the team has a disability. Before receiving help from the Local Education and Economic Development Organisation (LEEDO), which now provides the children with a home, they were experiencing exploitation and abuse at the railway station, the ferry terminal and domestic service.

The team were playing at the Amir Mahal Cricket Ground in Chennai in the opening games of the World Cup. They won their first game with Sri Lanka by 16 runs and their second game with Hungary by 50 runs.

After the games, team captain Hasan said, “Bangladesh played well. Sri Lanka was a strong team, but they lost. Our batting was strong, but our bowling can be improved. I think playing South Africa in our group will be the greatest challenge. We are hoping to win more matches and eventually reach the final.”

Team member Razia said, “I really enjoyed today. The Bangladesh team played well. I like staying at the Peace Home run by LEEDO where I can take part in education and games with other children. I never imagined that I would ever come to a tournament like this.”

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