Britain’s Secular Bangladesh Movement assisting people suffering from Covid

Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor,Shottobani:

London: The Secular Bangladesh Movement UK, a UK-based social organisation, has taken the initiative to raise funds to help the poorest people in Bangladesh, including the day-labourer families, Santals and other indigenous community. To drum up further support Secular Bangladesh Movement UK will broadcast live music, poetry, discussion, dance from their Facebook page every Wednesday at 4pm UK time and at 9pm Bangladesh time. Renowned writers, artists and progressive politicians from Bangladesh and Britain will join the event.

The event is starting from this Wednesday 29th April. The session will be attended by Prof. Dr. Mesbah Kamal from Bangladesh, artists Pratik Endo, Jannat e Ferdous Lucky and from the US organisation’s representative Shuvo Roy. Organisation’s Secretary Pastor Kajal Sarkar, Redbridge MP Wes Streeting from London and prominent artists, intellectuals and writers from different parts of the world will join at different times.

Pushpita Gupta, founder of the Secular Bangladesh Movement UK, said that since the outbreak of the Covid, they have started various activities to help the afflicted people in Bangladesh and Britain. Relief efforts are already underway to help various communities, including Santals. The organisation has provided financial support to the Redbridge Food Bank in the UK. Meals for key workers are being sent to British hospitals every Thursday.

Pushpita Gupta said, “We think we can reach more and more people around the world through the live Facebook session. We have named this series ‘Let’s Stand Together’. I hope that you will stand by those affected due to Covid breakout. In the meantime, the response we have received from various sections of society, including artists and writers, is unprecedented. In this difficult time, all communities should work together as human beings.”

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