First ever on-line art workshop with children who have survived the streets

Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor,Shottobani

London: UK Charity Friends of Street Children Bangladesh have announced the first ever online art workshop to be held with children who have survived on the streets.

The theme of the workshop will be memories of a street and artists from several countries will be joining with the children of Local Education and Economic Development Organization (LEEDO) Peace Home to create work based on memories of streets. The workshop will include professional artists, amateurs, and people who are not practising artists.

During the workshop, the children will create a painting based on memories of streets and all participants will be invited to create a picture based on their own memories. One of the children leading the workshop from LEEDO said, “Through art we can express our thoughts. We can highlight the rights and demands of street children. Among us, there are many children who cannot speak but they can express their needs through art.”

One can join the workshop by contacting before 26th November.

The children taking part in the art workshop all now live at a long-term Peace Home for children who were surviving on the streets run by LEEDO. LEEDO also provide outreach work and education on the streets and a transitional shelter that supports children’s rehabilitation, making long term arrangements for their care.

UK charity Friends of Street Children, Bangladesh raise funds to support LEEDO’s education and outreach work with children and as a result of the corona virus are now piloting innovative on-line activities to raise funds and raise awareness of issues related to the position of children surviving on the streets.

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