Health Minister seeks support of Oxford Vaccine Group to establish vaccine centre in Bangladesh

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Londonঃ Bangladesh Health Minister Dr. Samanta Lal Sen sought support from the Oxford Vaccine Group at the University of Oxford to establish a vaccine centre in Bangladesh while visiting the University on Tuesday (14 May) where the AstraZeneca vaccine was developed during the Corona pandemic.

During the visit, the Minister met with the Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group, Professor Sir Andrew Pollard F MedSci, and discussed opportunities for establishing cooperation to create a National Vaccine Project in Bangladesh for producing vaccines in the country.

The Health Minister highlighted the Bangladesh government’s vision under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to provide high-quality health services for all. He also mentioned that her government aims to establish a vaccine centre in Bangladesh to produce vaccines.

Taking note of all the points raised by Minister Sen, Sir Andrew Pollard assured him of all cooperation in developing vaccines in Bangladesh.

The minister visited the drug discovery unit at Oxford University, where he met with senior researchers and high-ranking officials. They discussed the potential for establishing a laboratory in Bangladesh for large-scale industrial production of vaccines. They also talked about collaborating to provide training to scientists, doctors, and health professionals.

The Minister met with Professor Sir David Warrell, a leading figure in tropical medicine and the founding director of the Centre for Tropical Medicine in Thailand at the invitation of the Thai king. They discussed the prospect of producing antivenom in Bangladesh under EDCL to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Young researchers from Bangladesh who are studying in Oxford also attended the meeting.

Bangladesh High Commissioner to the UK accompanied the Health Minister during the visit and the meetings.

Health Minister Dr Sen was in the UK on an official visit to attend the Conference on “International Response to Antimicrobial Resistance,” organised by the UK Government and the Royal Society.

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