Tree planting in Bangladesh to mitigate the effects of climate change

Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor,Shottobani

London: Munich, Germany (February 16, 2024) – A delegation of Bangladeshi representatives attending the Munich Security Conference has taken a small but meaningful step to address the global climate crisis by offsetting their carbon footprints through tree planting efforts back home.

Inspired by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s call for all Bangladeshis to plant trees as part of the country’s environmental security efforts, the eight-member delegation has pledged to plant a total of 80 trees in Bangladesh after their trip to the conference.

“While the focus of the Munich Security Conference was understandably on urgent crises like the war in Ukraine, we must not lose sight of the existential threat posed by climate change,” said Mozmil Hussain, Vice-Chair of the United Nations Association (UNA) Eastbourne branch, who is coordinating the tree planting initiative. “Planting these trees is a small act, but an important statement that Bangladesh remains committed to climate action.”

The trees will be planted as part of the UNA Eastbourne’s Hijol-Karoch Project, which aims to mitigate flooding risks in Bangladesh through the cultivation of Hizol and Karoch trees known for their environmental protection capabilities.

Ian Elgie, Chair of UNA Eastbourne, commended the Bangladeshi delegates for taking tangible steps to offset their carbon footprints from travel. “It makes one wonder how many of the other conference attendees have acted to mitigate their own climate impacts from this event,” Elgie stated. “The Prime Minister is absolutely right – we cannot afford to ignore the overwhelming global security threat of climate change.”

The delegation planting trees includes Syed Shazidur Rahman Farook (Gen. Sec. UK Awami League), Abdul Ahad Chowdhury (Organisations Sec. UK Awami League), Ahmed Mohiuddin (Organisations Sec. Swansea Awami League), Mrs Syeda Rekha Begum, Afshar Hussain (member, United Nations Association Eastbourne), Mozmil Hussain (Vice-Chair, United Nations Association Eastbourne), Momtajul Ferdous Joarder (Researcher, Nuremburg) and Numan Kamali (delegate from Spain).

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