Former England Captain Nasser Hussain OBE launch “Clubs in Need” Programme to Revive Cricket Clubs and Empower Youth

By Abu Musa Hasan
Advisory Editor, Shottobani

London, September 14:  Former England cricket captain Nasser Hussain OBE, in collaboration with Capital Kids Cricket (CKC), unveiled the ground-breaking “Clubs in Need” initiative today at the Leyton County Cricket Ground.
CKC is a charity working for the development of cricket among the kids. ” Clubs in Need” project is a transformative programme which aims to rejuvenate struggling cricket clubs while bridging the gap in transitioning young cricketers from soft ball to hard ball cricket, addressing critical challenges within the community.
Cricket clubs play a pivotal role in nurturing future talent and fostering healthy communities. However, many of these clubs are facing severe challenges, including declining engagement, volunteer shortages, limited parental involvement, weak school connections, and the looming threat of collapse. The “Clubs in Need” project takes a significant step towards revitalizing these clubs and providing essential support during the crucial transition phase for both young boys and girls.
Nasser Hussain OBE, expressed his passion for this initiative, stating, “As a cricket community, we all need to come together alongside the ECB, County Boards, funders, local authorities, and support each other. Lots of good work has already been done, but more needs to be accomplished.”
Shahidul Alam Ratan, CEO of Capital Kids Cricket, emphasized the importance of inclusivity, saying, “The game is missing out on many young talents from cricket clubs, particularly those from ethnically diverse communities. It’s time to step up and do something about it.”
The event was attended by enthusiastic schoolchildren and club junior members. Nasser Hussain actively engaged with them, participating in a cricket session.
Numerous cricket clubs have expressed their interest in joining the programme. Currently, CKC is collaborating with county boards to ensure that the most deprived clubs receive vital support as soon as possible.

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