I Can’t Carry On Anymore

Jamal Hasan

I am tired,
I am exhausted,
I am completely worn out
I cannot carry on any more.

Looking for the elusive peace,
I climbed the top of mountains,
Swum the seven seas
In quest of little peace.

Crossed desert after desert
In scorching hot temperature.
Sought peace in the coldest Antarctica
But where is the peace so precious?

I did not leave any stone unturned.
Sometimes peace has been within my sight,
So close to getting it!
Oh, How frustrating!
I was running after a mirage.
It seemed not to have been there ever!

Then I wondered,
Was it the peace that I was after?
Or was it the search for peace itself
I was so passionately obsessed.

From the moment of my birth
I learnt and kept on breathing.
I learnt I must always inhale
And I must do this without fail.

I have now woken up to a new realisation,
The search for peace must go on.
I cannot stop but must persist,
Because this is the only way I will exist.

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