Launch of Empire and Partition Heritage Trail

Ansar Ahmed Ullah
Contributing Editor,Shottobani

London: Everyday Muslim Heritage and Archive Initiative are launching The Empire and Partition Heritage Trail at the Remembering Partition event at City Hall on 16th August.

The Empire and Partition Heritage Trail – Westminster Edition takes visitors through London’s historic locations linked to India’s history, struggle for independence, and the complexities of British colonial rule. Step into an immersive journey through critical historical events in India and Britain from 1600 to 1972. As you explore various locations in London, you’ll unravel the intertwined history of trade, colonial India, its partition, and the lasting impact it has had on its people.

Discover influential figures, significant events, and key organisations that shaped a shared history between India and Britain. This trail promises a unique and educational experience and provides a deeper understanding of the connections between these two nations.

The trail has been put together by a group of young people supported by heritage experts following a series of workshops and research sessions. The research findings and digital map are hosted on Layers of London, a free online resource that uses maps and user-generated content to blend history, geography and digital technology.

The event will commemorate the people impacted by the Partition of India and its connection to London, its communities, and broader British history.

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said, “London’s diversity is its greatest strength but for far too long our capital’s public realm has only shown a limited perspective of our city. The new Empire and Partition Heritage Trail will be an important step in helping Londoners and visitors learn more about our complex history. The creation of an Indian, a Pakistani, and later a Bangladeshi state changed the fabric of the subcontinent forever, and Partition brought about immense suffering for the people who lived through it, as well as for subsequent generations. It is vital that we commemorate this and pay tribute to the impact South Asian communities have made to our city as we build a better London for everyone.”

Sadiya Ahmed, Founder of Everyday Muslim Heritage and Archive Initiative said, “With the support of the Mayor of London’s Untold Stories programme, we are thrilled to launch The Empire and Heritage Trail at our event Remembering Partition at City Hall. The trail takes visitors through historic locations in London, offering unique insights into India’s struggle for independence and the complexities of British colonial rule. We aim to unveil the hidden, shared history on the streets of London and commemorate the enduring impact of the Empire on the South Asian community in Britain. Our longer-term goal is to formally acknowledge this ‘living’ history in London’s public spaces by establishing a memorial to commemorate the human impact of Partition in time for the 80th Anniversary.”

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